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The Sip Unplugged!

Podcast and Community

Do you like listening to sexual related podcasts? Well, here is one on steroids! Welcome to The Sip Unplugged.


We're an adult entertainment platform, where we host live conversations with people of all types of orientations & backgrounds. We get down to the nitty gritty, in a very open, sexy forum, where we discuss topics like open relationships, poly life, fantasies, fetishes, perspectives on sexuality, connectivity, building trust & a whole lot more!.  We aim to bring people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, & beliefs systems, under one roof to talk about both controversial AND intimate topics, so that we can learn from one another, therefore raising awareness & acceptance of our idiosyncrasies.  After all, we are all just PEOPLE; people who want to build healthy, loving, fuckfilled relationships. 

All things learned with laughter is a healthy way to growth!  The Sip may be filled with miscalculated prescriptions, but good vibes and bad humor are just the right ingredients for a dose of something special. Grab a friend, plan a watch party & pull up on new episodes;  & don't forget your COCKtails!  

Meet The Hosts

Nikki  Voice


Founder of The Sip Unplugged,

A Nikki Voice Production

Producer, Erotic Storyteller & Voice Over Artist

“My voice is my Truth, so I'll always come undressed.” - Nikki Voice

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Associate Producer and co-host for The Sip Unplugged.

Host of her own personal podcast

"Sexually Even After"

Hyacinth is the picture for holistic healing & wellness,

as her parent company Hyacinth's Hollistic Health provides

wellness coaching,

and clean eating meal plans, as well as provides

holistic supplies, candles, & massage oils through Wildflower


Self published author

Creator & leader of Hikes4Healing,

a beautiful marriage of her love for healing and nature

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Leinati is the Executive Admin for Nikki Voice Productions

and the Line Producer for The Sip Unplugged. 

She is currently a small business owner,

an education Consultant Full time mom &

Activist in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

She is also a Social Media Director for a grassroot

organization called 'More Than A Hashtag' LV. 

While she enjoys having time to play, she still somehow finds the time to  fighting social injustice on a daily basis.  

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Meet The Team



Demetri is our Production Assistant.  

Videographer, Editor, and Writer.  He records,  & documents our charity events and assists with The Sip Foundation's outreach programs.  Outside of The Sip Unplugged, he runs a podcast called 'We The Tribe', and is an avid thrill junkie!

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Kiki White

Assistant Producer for The Sip Unplugged, Wardrobe Consultsnt for Nikki Voice, and Donation Manager for The Sip (Stand in Purpose) Foundation.



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Associate Producer of the Sip, Wardrobe Consultant to Nikki Voice, all around Jill of numerous trades.

"I am the beat that moves you when you didn't even know you wanted to move." - Kiki White

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A Nikki Voice 

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