That's The Spot...

"Welcome to my classroom, you are in for a treat. There are only 2 rules! 1. Keep your eyes on me and 2. When I say "that's the spot right there!" Don't Stop!"

"Now I want you to get comfortable, sit back and pay close attention. You are now in my classroom, and I'm the teacher. Save your questions for the end of class, because I'm sure by the time we are finished you will already have an answer for every question." These words seductively spoken by a caramel complexioned woman small in frame but curvy in all the right places as she approaches her tall chocolate chiseled "student" before their "session". He sits across the room anxiously awaiting class to start. He looks at her in admiration and awe, ready to take notes. She's dressed in a sheer magenta robe with nothing but her bare, rose oil glistening skin. She walks close to him as he glides his hand across her well oiled body. He ask, " Can I taste it before class starts?" She replies quickly with a little sass in her tone, " No touching, just remember rule number 1! " She grabs her "tools" and sprawls out on the bed across the room, she begins to pleasure herself as he watches in anticipation. She places her vibrator on her clitoris as the manna of her yoni begins to drip down the crease of her vulva and her ass cheeks. His manhood rises to the occasion waiting for and opportunity to participate, he is waiting for her to say "any volunteers?" After all he's the only student in this class. She begins to stroke her vaginal walls with a dildo as she gets deeper her vulva is drenched in her yoni juice. Her temperature rises, her body begins to shake, she's moaning and curling her toes. Her moans make him touch himself as they both let out a sigh of ecstasy "AHHHHHHHH!!" Their bodies are pulsating as they lay there feeling the vibrations on each others skin, they are floating. She looks at him and ask, "Now, do you have any questions?"

Did you feel that? Hot and turned on yet? Good! Now let's learn about this "hot spot" and you can work on role playing later. I guess you're in for a class lesson all your own :)

The "G-Spot" was discovered by a German gynecologist by the name of Ernst Grafenberg in the 50's and wasn't publicized as the "G-spot" until the 80's. We are not even going to ask how he found it, let's just say it's one hell of a discovery, game changing.

In fact, if you've ever experienced an orgasm from the "G-spot" you will probably agree. What most don't know is that there has been an ongoing battle between neuroscientist and other researchers as to whether an actual "G-spot is a part of the female anatomy.

In a recent article by Cosmopolitan, one of the heavy hitters (in magazines) when it comes to learning about the sexual anatomy of a woman's body, particularly her "G-spot". The editors wrote an article apologizing for years of misinformation as it regards women and "G-spots." Ending the article to say they will not be writing about "G-spots" or how to find them unless some ground breaking research is done.

After a series of surveys, tests, exams and more, it's been shown that while some women have the pleasure of having vaginal orgasms, there is no evidence that an actual "G-spot" exist. I know that may be disheartening for those of us who read every tip and tried to find "it." But the truth is over 40% of women have felt shame in sex because of comparisons such as "my last partner could orgasm every time" or "why is it taking you so long to orgasm?" 11% of which have decided to abstain from sex altogether because of the idea that they are in fact "broken."

So then, where in the hell did this "G-spot" talk come from? The "G-spot" was initially introduced as a spot on the anterior (upper wall) of the vaginal opening that when stimulated swells and gives the sensation of extreme pleasure (much like our goddess from the intro). One of the key things to note is a woman must be highly aroused for the swelling to take place. That means foreplay ladies and gentleman. Taking your time to connect mentally with your partner is key to making sex enjoyable whether we orgasm vaginally or not. While the conversation of whether a "G-spot" exist or not continues, one thing women who can orgasm vaginally have said is that it is 10x the effects of a clitoral orgasm (which explains why some of us are going digging for G-old).

The discussion continues as researchers attempt to find an even playing field. While some feel it shouldn't be called "G-spot" at all because it is in fact a zone not a "button". Other researchers argue that is should not be named after a man because it's a female experience and apart of the female anatomy. While some feel there really is no such thing. In the end, if it makes you say "AHHHHHH" with pleasure, then you're doing it right! Whether you orgasm clitorally or vaginally, the best sex is the kind of sex that makes your yoni drip, toes curl and to release those endorphins in the body that have been said to alleviate pain, tension and stress in the body! Enjoy the release, leave the details to the scientist.

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- Hyacinth Powell

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