Community Outreach

"Stand in Purpose Org"

Please join us in our community outreach!  If you are in the local Phoenix, AZ area, join us in trying to feed and take care of the members of our community!  Every  month we will be serving our community by feeding those in need.  There are various ways to help.  You can do so by donating, canned goods, volunteering your time by collecting donations from people/organizations, or by donating time helping feeding those in need with us at the homeless shelters. All ages are welcomed! If you are interested in becoming a part of this heart work, please drop your info on our 'contact us' page and let us know how you'd like to help!  

Central Arizona Shelter Services, (CASS)
7 a.m.
Hosted by The AZ Chapter of The Sip Unplugged
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"Sexually In-cum-patible" 

This topic was requested by one of our members.  "I am married and faithful, but not getting it like I want.  II am a certified freak, but my other half is very conservative.  How do I approach her about spicing up our sex life without hurting her feelings? HELP! "

We've brought on someone who has studied sexual psychology for over 20 years to panel this one
.  Ta
p in as we talk about being with s partner that is not your sexual match, how to have conversations that can uncover ways to get you non the same page, and what are some of the reasons that can cause you both to stand on unlevel playing fields. 

Hosted by Leinati Aiono and Kiki White
6 pm PST 9pm EST
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"Freak Phony"  
Tap in as we talk about catfishing, and being sent genital pics.  What do women feel about receiving pictures of a man's private parts before meeting them.  Get free game from the women who receive them.  We'll also discover things that men do that drives women crazy! It all goes down in the DM, and The Sip Unplugged!

Hosted by Nikki Voice
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