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As we closed out Men's Month, defining what a man is, talks about what men go through and  setting  up mediums  for more men's support, we decided it's time to have some fun.  With  that being said, we are celebrating April with the return of The Hot Seat!  This hilarious segment is full of laughter as the viewers get to lead the interview!  The Hot Seat contestant gets put through rounds of questions as the audience makes them squirm in their seats by asking rounds of embarrassing questions.  Each hand picked Hot  Seat  contestants claims to be an open book.  Let's see how open they are after enduring a fun filled privacy breaking hour of jokes and fuckery!  
Welcome Fantasi Nicole as this week's contestant. She is a PhD Candidate, Model,  Blogger, and is ready to encounter The Sip Unplugged!

Hosted by Leinati Aiono& Nikki Voice
6:30 MST
8:30 EST

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"I Broke Up With You, Now Will You Let Me  Go?

Join us as we welcome our new cast member and sexologist Jasmine Brown to her first panel discussion with The Sip Unplugged team. 

Do you believe that once you break up with someone that you still have soul ties that connect you to them?  And if you do believe so,  can those ties have an impact on your next relationship?   Tap in and join in on this  controversial topic.

Hosted by  Leinati Aiono, Nikki Voice, & Jasmin Brown.
Appearance from 
Sophia the Melanin Queen 
6:30 pm MST 9:30 pm EST
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"To be announced"  

Is there a particular topic that you would like to learn about?  Send in your suggestions, and we'll do our best to do our research and put your topics on the schedule!

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